Supported Employment

Empowerment through employment

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We are dedicated to empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve their full potential and gain meaningful employment. Our comprehensive workforce development programs cater to a wide range of individuals, including persons with disabilities as well as veterans. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to build a successful career and contribute to their community. Through personalized support, vocational training, job placement services, and ongoing professional development, we equip individuals with the skills, confidence, and resources needed to thrive in the workforce. Whether it’s providing tailored employment solutions for individuals with disabilities or assisting veterans in transitioning to civilian careers, our goal is to create pathways to economic independence and long-term success. Join us as we empower individuals to unlock their true potential and build fulfilling careers that align with their unique abilities and aspirations. For more information, contact our Supported Employment Coordinators in the following locations:


Anthony Lewis (251)295-5165


Jakeeta Sankey (334)721-1271

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