Children, Youth and Families

Family Assistance in Alabama: Better futures for children, families and communities


At VOA Southeast, we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged youth through strong partnerships with local government, schools, and churches. In communities where essential programs may be lacking, we step in to provide summer camps and after-school programs that create safe and nurturing environments for children to thrive. Additionally, through our Helping Families Initiative, we actively support students who face challenges such as truancy or disruptive behavior, guiding them towards building productive futures while fostering a safer and more inclusive learning environment for all.

Helping Families Initiative

Through our Helping Families Initiative, we help students who are suspended from school for truancy or other bad behaviors. We help them build productive futures, while improving the safety and learning environment for all students.

Light of the City

Every summer, the Light of the City summer camp, spans six weeks and serves as a beacon of opportunity.

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