Season of Caring

Hope for the Holidays

Since 1989, VOA Southeast, in partnership with WALA FOX10, has brought hope and joy to thousands of people in need through the 10 Caring Gifts initiative with the support of many generous businesses, schools, and individuals throughout our communities.

We hope you can join us this season in spreading joy and hope. Scroll down this page to find a list of what kinds of support are needed and where you can donate locally. And when you give, rest assured that your gifts always go directly to someone in need. Your contributions provide support to

  • At risk children and youth
  • Veterans
  • Low-income seniors
  • People with mental illnesses
  • People with developmental disabilities

Spread joy and make a difference.

Bring comfort and joy to people who need it most by contributing to our Season of Caring. With your gifts and donations, VOA Southeast and WALA Fox 10 TV are working together through the 10 Caring Gifts initiative this holiday season to make a difference in your community.

Can’t donate a gift to the drive? Monetary donations to VOA Southeast go to support and uplift your neighbors all year round. With programs for affordable housing, veterans services, intellectual and developmental disabilities, workforce development, and so much more, a gift to VOA Southeast is a gift to your broader community. 

Like the 12 Days of Christmas, here are 10 gifts to give this holiday season to bring hope and relief to those most in need.

  1. Toys for the Holidays– Make sure there’s something under the tree for at-risk youth in VOA Southeast programs and DHR foster care in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.
    Presenting Sponsor: Mercedes of Mobile and Community Partner: Fausak Tires & Service
    Drop-off Location at:
    • Fausak Tires & Service: All locations in Mobile and Baldwin County
  2. Pennies for Patriots– Support homeless veterans at Eagle’s Landing, our 36-unit transitional housing community.
    Sponsored by: All In Credit Union
  3. Food for the Holidays– Provide food for low-income seniors, families, veterans, and individuals with intellectual disabilities.
    Sponsored by: Greer’s
    Drop-off Locations at:
    • All Greer’s locations in Mobile and Baldwin County
  4. Caring Kits– Provide essentials such as soap, socks, and toothpaste for homeless and low-income individuals in VOA programs, and victims of natural disasters.
    Sponsored by: Pelc Tire
    Drop-off Locations at:
  5. School Supplies– Equip low-income children in VOA Southeast after-school care with pens, pencils, and notebooks.
    Sponsored by: Night Hawk Patrol Services
    Drop-off Locations at:
  6. Baby Bundles – Support foster care families and low-income families with baby essentials.
    Drop-off Locations at:
  7. Blankets– Warm the hearts of low-income seniors, people with intellectual disabilities, and those without a home this holiday season.
    Sponsored by: TBD
    Drop-off Locations at: TBD
  8. Jackets and Coats– Clothe the needy with jackets and coats for people who need protection from the elements this winter.
    Sponsored by: Law Tigers
    Drop-off Locations at:
  9. Warm Hands, Warm Hearts– Extend comfort to veterans, the homeless, low-income seniors, and individuals with intellectual disabilities.
    Sponsored by: Urology Associates of Mobile
    Drop-off Location:
  10. Cash Gift for Greatest Need– Make a difference where it’s needed most.

Your gifts have the power to transform lives. As one of the region’s largest housing providers, VOA Southeast offers life-changing shelter and stability to people with nowhere else to turn during the winter.

Together, let’s make this a happier, healthier holiday season for people in need!

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What is Volunteers of America Southeast?

Volunteers of America (VOA) Southeast is a dedicated faith-based organization committed to uplifting lives and creating positive change through programs that support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, veterans, low-income seniors, homeless and at-risk families, children and youth, and individuals struggling with addiction and mental illness. We impact the lives of over 35,000 people through services throughout Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi.

What gifts are needed most for this year’s Season of Caring?

While every gift you give makes an impact on someone’s life, cash donations to VOA Southeast stretch the furthest. With these, we’re able to fulfill our mission to illustrate the presence of God by serving people and communities in need through affordable housing, services for veterans and seniors, mental health treatment and support, family-focused substance abuse recovery programs, personalized vocational training, and personal care assistance and enrichment for people with developmental disabilities.

How many years have VOA Southeast and WALA Fox 10 TV been partnering together for Season of Caring?

The mission of VOA Southeast is to reach and uplift people, and the holidays are a perfect time to demonstrate this promise. Since 1989, VOA Southeast has brought hope and joy to thousands of people in need each Christmas through its partnership with WALA Fox 10 and the 10 Caring Gifts initiative with the support of many generous businesses, schools, and individuals ultimately across Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi.

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