VOA Southeast to Expand Family Focused Recovery Services

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Laura Davis Chandler
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, VOA Southeast, Inc.


Volunteers of America Southeast to Expand Family Focused Recovery Services for Underserved Communities in Georgia with $750K Investment from Humana

Funding Will Empower Mothers and Children in the Fight against Substance Use Disorder

[Valdosta, Georgia September 19, 2023] – Volunteers of America (VOA) Southeast is thrilled to announce a commitment of $750,000 from Humana and the Humana Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Humana Inc.  This significant gift will enable the organization to further develop its pioneering Family Focused Recovery (FFR) Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services to mothers and their families in the greater Valdosta area.

Humana’s investment in this program will help VOA Southeast enhance and sustainably expand the reach of its FFR services, ensuring that mothers and children in underserved areas in Georgia gain access to treatment. The FFR SUD program includes medical care, addiction therapy, behavioral health services, and comprehensive family support.

“We are grateful to Humana and the Humana Foundation for their ongoing commitment to VOA and our mission to improve the lives of mothers and their families,” said Robert Rogers, President and CEO, VOA Southeast. “Our groundbreaking program helps mothers avert family separation and mitigates the risk of relapse, ultimately resulting in fewer instances of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) and NICU births.”

VOA Southeast operates two residential SUD treatment facilities in Valdosta and Cuthbert, GA. These centers are designed to address the unique challenges and intricacies women encounter when seeking to overcome SUD. With a strong emphasis on women’s needs, these facilities are exceptionally equipped to provide specialized assistance to mothers and their children throughout their treatment journey.

The Humana Foundation created a national partnership with VOA in 2020 to bring FFR to communities across the country. Together with the investment by Humana, this partnership dedicates funds to Georgia, bringing evidence-based collaborations and investments that help people in underserved communities live connected, healthy lives.

“Humana is dedicated to health equity and eliminating barriers that impact the health of our communities,” said Jana Thomas, Vice President – Southeast Region, Humana. “Through our partnership with VOA, we can positively impact families today and the wellbeing of Georgians for generations to come.”

VOA Southeast believes in affording every mother the opportunity to overcome substance use disorder while securing a brighter future for her children. This strategic expansion signals a collective resolve to break the cycle of addiction, reunite families, and foster healthier communities.

About VOA Southeast

VOA Southeast is a nonprofit, faith-based organization dedicated to helping those in need live healthy, safe and productive lives. Our ministry of service has supported and empowered America’s most vulnerable groups, including veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, at-risk youth, homeless individuals and families, those recovering from addictions and many others. Through our human service programs, including housing and health care, VOA Southeast helps over 35,000 people annually. Our work touches the mind, body, heart and ultimately the spirit of those we serve, integrating our deep compassion with highly effective programs and services.

VOA Southeast is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and recovery services for individuals grappling with substance use disorder. Through innovative programs like Family Focused Recovery (FFR), VOA Southeast is effecting transformative change, empowering mothers, and cultivating healthier communities across Georgia.

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