January 2024 – Remembering What God Has Done

Written by: Rob Rogers
january 1, 2024


Psalm 77:11

I was talking to a friend of mine recently, and he shared with me that 2023 was a really difficult year for him and his family. He told me that on New Year’s Day, he planned to get up early and sit down at his kitchen table with his Bible, a pencil and piece of paper. He said that this has been his New Year’s Day practice for many years. He looks back at the past year and remembers what he has seen God do, and then he looks ahead, and thinks about what he needs to focus on in the new year.

But he said as he began to think about that practice and what he would write down, he felt overwhelmed by discouragement. In many ways, 2023 had been a “down” year. He had dealt with some significant health concerns and, although all had worked out, he was drained by the experience. He had also had a tough year financially. Everywhere he turned, costs had risen. His personal finances were shrinking, and inflation was out of control. There was no end in sight. He was also discouraged by the division and hate that he saw in our country. Now more than ever, people seemed full of anger, resentment and bitterness towards one another. He said that he found himself feeling more and more isolated from those around him and the community, and frankly he was depressed.

So, he said, he wasn’t feeling excited about making a list of things God had done in 2023. But as he began recalling all the things he had seen God do in 2023 his attitude changed. Quickly, he had a list of 25, then 30, and eventually over 40 things that he had seen God do in 2023. There were answers to long-prayed prayers, fears that never materialized, miracles that only God could have done, and blessings that he had taken for granted. As he thought about some of the difficult things that those around him were dealing with, he also recognized that he actually had a lot to be thankful for. Instead of thinking, “What a lousy year!”, he found himself feeling strong and optimistic.

What’s the point? REMEMBERING, changed everything! Again and again in the Bible, we find God telling His people to remember all He has done for them. Yet, again and again, we find them NOT remembering, but forgetting. We tend to be the same way.

As you enter this new year, 2024, I challenge you to take a moment and make a list… remember all that God has done in your life. It will change your perspective, attitude and focus going forward. It will remind you of who God is, that He loves you, and that He wants to be in relationship with you.


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