VOA Southeast

YOU are changing lives

VOA Southeast

YOU are changing lives

VOA Southeast

YOU are changing lives

Who We Are

Volunteers of America (VOA) Southeast is a dedicated faith-based organization committed to uplifting lives and creating positive change. Through our comprehensive range of services, we strive to empower individuals and families to overcome challenges and thrive. With a passionate team and a proven track record of impact, we are the driving force behind transformative solutions that build stronger, more resilient communities across the Southeast.

We’re on a mission.

At VOA Southeast, we’re dedicated to helping those most in need live their best lives. From housing to healthcare to human services, our work touches the mind, bodies, hearts, and spirits of those we serve.

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VOA Southeast is a growing organization serving Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. We are always seeking talented, highly motivated candidates to join our staff. We offer benefit packages, including retirement, to our employees.

Guided by the experience of more than 16,000 professionals living and working to make life better in their local communities, our plan for today and tomorrow is clear: transform lives by improving the health, happiness, and stability of our communities.


Access to quality healthcare is an essential part of any thriving, active community. Our goal is to provide 100% access to those who need it.


The key ingredient to living a healthy life is having a place to call home. We believe that a safe, affordable home is a basic human right.

Human Services

Focused on the unique needs of each of the communities we serve, we create and manage hundreds of life-changing programs and services.

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