A Blessing to Every Family

By August 15, 2022News and Events

“VOA Southeast is a big family,” said Housing Compliance Coordinator, April Tims. She started as a Property Manager in 2017, became a Community Manager in 2019 and has been serving in her current role since 2021. Tims provides housing for individuals ages 62 and older as well as those with disabilities across Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi as well as making sure every person is well fed. 

Tims audits files relating to VOA Southeast housing. Whenever a change or violation springs up, she is the second or third set of eyes, making sure every detail is accurate. She saves all electronic files for a total of 61 properties. Having these files allows Tims to know exactly what is going on, guiding her residents through their housing process.

Addressing each and every need of our residents and staff is the greatest challenge Tims faces. However, the work environment at VOA Southeast is positive and uplifting, making it possible to oversee 61 properties in an eight-hour day. According to Tims, “we all communicate with each other and take a deep breath, helping one another calm down. We share our thoughts and feelings and vent without being judged. The people at VOA Southeast are a big family.” Facetiming allows her to connect face to face with other managers across the southeast region, walking each other through housing issues and providing support. 

VOA Southeast is a wonderful resource to local communities in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Tims sees VOA Southeast’s greatest impact in how they provide relief for people affected by natural disasters and donate toys to children through 10 Caring Gifts. “Whenever we have a project going on, we stop what we are doing and come together despite which department we work in, making sure everyone gets the help they need.” Accommodating and understanding describes the employees at VOA Southeast, and Tims is glad to be a part of the team.  

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